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Reception and hotel operation

Rooms in Pilsen

Accommodation in the center of Pilsen will be provided by our newly renovated hotel near the center itself.
The strategic location of the hotel will be an irresistible advantage for you, because wherever you want to go in Pilsen, you will be there just a few minutes' walk away.

New facilities

The entire hotel underwent extensive renovation this year. The rooms, bathrooms, toilets are therefore new, as are the furniture and carpets.

Everything smells of newness and absolute cleanliness.

Rooms with shower

Our bathrooms are dark in design and look absolutely perfect, thus directly supporting the Noir Hotels company name.

The bathrooms are equipped with original liquid soap and shower gel from a leading Italian supplier.

Parking available

Our hotel has approx. 6 paid parking spaces in the courtyard. If you would like to park your car in the inner part, please write or call our reception to verify free parking capacities.

Breakfast at the hotel

Between 7:00 and 10:00 we are ready to offer you a rich hotel breakfast. If you are interested, however, it is necessary to order breakfast in time. Everything can be arranged with our reception.

Rules for your pets

If your pets come to the hotel with you, please contact our reception to set the price and create optimal conditions for you.

Hotel Bayer Pilsen

Take advantage of the excellent location of our hotel to visit the West Bohemian metropolis.

Our hotel is approximately 10 minutes from the historic center of Pilsen.

One of Pilsen’s biggest attractions, Techmania, is only a 3-minute walk from us.

And if you want to see with your own eyes the world-famous brewery where the real “Pilsen” is brewed, you will arrive at the Pilsen brewery after about 15 minutes by leisurely walking.

A football or winter stadium is just as far from us. So what are you waiting for?


Safety for our guests is our priority!

We use protective equipment

We ensure regular hygiene

We keep our hands disinfected

At the entrance we have a disinfection station

We test our employees

We monitor all premises

History of the Pilsen city

The first mentions of Pilsen (today’s Old Pilsen) date back to 976, when Prince Boleslav II. defeated the army of the German king Otto II. A city seat with a number of churches and lively commercial activity gradually grew in the castle grounds. 

King Václav II transferred the city to its current location (in the southern neighborhood of the then village of Malice) under the name Nová Plzeň, in 1295 as an important commercial crossroads of western Bohemia on the way from Prague to Bavaria.

This solved the problem of water supply, as the place was located at the confluence of the Mže and Radbuza rivers.


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